Josh Morris – Fishing Report 070517

Another Fourth of July Holiday has come to a close. The lake was very busy this weekend I hope everyone had a good time! We spent time floating swimming eating and fishing out there this weekend. It hit me how blessed I am to live where I do and to be surrounded by amazing people. We were with friends and family all weekend it was great.

I went out early Monday morning to fish. I want to talk to you all about what I learned, or relearned I guess I should say. Have you ever lost a fish? Yes we all have and it can absolutely throw one into a tantrum akin to a child in Wal-Mart wanting a toy. First of all on Monday I was out trying to figure the fish out. It was pretty and the first place I pulled up on about five casts in I got bit. That’s always a welcome sign. I put a little pattern together fairly quick. We played on Sunday on the lake so I had unloaded the fishing equipment and loaded the floats. When I reloaded on Monday morning I forgot the net. First mistake. As you all know by now I am sponsored by Gloomis and Shimano. They own Power Pro Line. It is the line I use and it is amazing. It is a braid is small in diameter, sensitive and casts lovely. I do not have a hook sponsor but I use Academy brand hooks as the are sharp and inexpensive. One problem I had not noticed about them is the hole where you tie the hook. It has a very small gap and doesn’t close all the way against the shank of the hook. So I am fishing along and thump I got bit. I was using an ol Monster worm I gave the fish a second to eat it and set the hook. I knew immediately it was a good fish. So I looked around for the net. Oh crap I didn’t bring the net! So I eased the fish up it ran like a train and as it came to the top and I was ready to move to lip her she made another run and ping the line shot into the air. How did she break off! I was very aggravated. If the fish wins on its own account it doesn’t bother me like equipment failure. Equipment failure means I didn’t prepare properly 9 times out of ten.

Didn’t retie when the line is frayed. Didn’t clean a reel etc. Well at this point nothing to do but retie and get back to work. I picked up the rod and the line was wrapped in a mess around the tip so I grabbed the scissors. I looked at the end of the line and my knot was there. I looked closer the loop was there. The line did not break it pulled out of the hook eye. Now the fish was big and strong I will say it could have opened the gap a little more. I then retied but the first thing I did was use my pliers to close the gap in the eye. I had probably caught 15 fish on that hook and never checked it. I took for granted it was ok and just fished. These mistakes can cost a person a lot of money in a tournament. The moral to the story is don’t take things for granted. It is easy to get in a groove of just going through the motions. The busy hustle and bustle of day to day life can make us over look the things that are important. Everything we have has come at a cost. If you don’t check the knot from time to time everything can come undone and you are left with a mess. God blesses us so we can praise Him. Let us all be a Blessing to God and for those who come in contact with us.

Tell someone you love what they mean to you today.

Now the fish.

Bass were on long points in 15 to 20 feet of water. Crank baits and Texas rigged worms were good. Also I picked some up on bluffs where the channel swings away from the bluff. Look for the transition of steep to not so steep some will be there too.

The Hybrid have been active around the island find shad they will be close.

Crappie are still out on brush about 10 to 15 feet deep. Some are being caught around standing timber too.

Blue gill are every where get some crickets and go.

Some nice catfish are still being caught noodling. Also on jugs. Shad seem to be what they are wanting. Shiners and small blue gill work too.

Good Luck and God Bless!

Josh Morris is a sponsored tournament bass angler, outdoorsman, an ambassador for FLW, and the 2018 Director for Fishers of Men West KY.

His Sponsors include Barren Outdoors, G Loomis, Shimano, Psycho Lures, Snack Daddy Lures, Blobfish Sunglasses, Freddie’s Dugout, Jackall Lures, and Power Pro Line.

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