Josh Morris – Fishing Report 062117


Hello my fishing friends. I hope everyone has had a pleasant spring filled with big fish. Barren River Lake is starting to recede. It is almost back down to summer pool. Week before last was filled with fishing in preparation for the TH Marine BFL FLW tournament. To which I took a good shellacking. Win lose or draw I always feel successful if I learn something and I did learn. Keeping the faith and grinding through is a very important thing. Building momentum can be frustrating; the only way to do it is to fish. You cannot build anything sitting on the couch.

Wyatt Price showing off a nice Bass he caught on Barren.
You young anglers out there keep trudging. You will never know everything about fishing. You can always learn if you pay attention. I like everyone else can get frustrated during a tournament and the bad thing is once that happens it can create a domino effect. The wheels come off; you have a mental break down. That is momentum you don’t want to create. When I feel the old panic mode set in I try and remember to slow down. When I become frustrated I naturally speed up as the aggravation makes my adrenaline come up. My partner last week was named Tim Leek from Bowling Green KY. About twenty minutes from weigh in he lost an absolute Barren River Lake monster, right at the net. It upset me more than it did him. I expressed how sorry I was about it getting away and he just shrugged and said it happens kid. If I had been Mr. Leek I would have lost my mind. Which brings me to my lesson. We caught fish all day; they were not the right fish. The important thing was I had a partner I enjoyed being out with. We saw the sun rise on Barren River Lake. We fished all day in God’s creation. It was a great tournament. Don’t get so caught up in the competition that you miss all the blessings around you.

That is what I have done the week following the tournament. I have reflected, I have prayed, I have been still, and focused on what God showed me. That has helped get my mind back on track, and ready fir the next tournament. I had to remind myself to rest even God takes a day off.

Now to fishing news. Bass are out deep on long points in the main lake general summer time patterns have began to emerge. Big worms, Carolina rigs, Jigs, and shaky heads all are producing.

Crappies are 10 to 15 feet deep on brush. On sonar you can spot them pretty easy they look like a Christmas tree of fish.

Catfish are finishing up the spawn and can be found near bluffs on transition banks.

Hybrid should be firing up around the islands.

I want to close with something I told my Son. Do something you love, because you are the one who has to live with it. The greatest thing in the universe is love. Love long, love hard, and laugh often. Don’t worry about what you can’t change, always work to be better. Be open, be patient, be kind and trust God.

God Bless each of you may you fill the live wells this weekend.

Josh helped the state with another kids fishing event at Barren River Lake State Park this past Monday. About 80 kids showed up.

Josh Morris is a sponsored tournament bass angler, outdoorsman, an ambassador for FLW, and the 2018 Director for Fishers of Men West KY.

His Sponsors include Barren Outdoors, G Loomis, Shimano, Psycho Lures, Snack Daddy Lures, Blobfish Sunglasses, Freddie’s Dugout, Jackall Lures, and Power Pro Line.

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