Josh Morris – Fishing Report 060817

Happy Weekend folks! I hope everyone gets the chance to hit the water this weekend. The lake will be full of fishermen as the TH Marine FLW BFL descends for their first event on Barren River Lake this year on Saturday. A lot of folks have been here all week to practice. The weigh in will be at 1:30 at Port Oliver the public is encouraged to come watch. On Friday Barren Outdoors will be open after the FLW Meeting to take care of any last minute needs for the tournament anglers.

Also on Saturday there will be a noodling tournament on Barren River Lake. I do not know all the particulars on the weigh in for the noodling tournament.

I will omit a bass report this week as I am fishing the FLW tournament. However on a bass note after I report on other fish I want to talk about some things that are going on in our industry that takes advantage of people.

Crappie are about twenty feet deep on flats. They are holding on brush.

Hybrids are scattered but on the main lake.

Catfish are still very aggressive and on channel bluffs, or on rip raff around the bridges. They are eating anything that is in front of them. Look for rocks.

I would like now to talk to Bass fishermen. Especially you young guys. There are some companies out there who are “getting people sponsored” for a nominal fee. Quite frankly in my opinion they are taking advantage of people who just want to be “sponsored” and they are making a tremendous amount of money off of the angler.

Fishing is a multi-million dollar industry. People will do anything to get in the door with a company, to make a dream work. Paying for a sponsorship is not the answer folks. Do the work, grind beat the bushes be able to prove your worth to a company. The main thing that a sponsor looks for in a fisherman is what can they do for me? What will they do to help sell bait, rods, reels, and products. The companies want to know, does the fisherman have a platform to sell our products? What kind of speaker are you? How do you conduct yourself on social media? What kind of presence will you put out for the company? What are you willing to do to help the company?

The main thing folks should realize is if a company is interested in you they will be willing to invest in you. You can not throw money at something like this and expect it to be a long term, real sponsorship that will grow. Nothing that comes easy will last. If you work and do it right build relationships, build your own brand, believe in yourself, and most importantly in my opinion is Pray.

Another question one should ask before thinking of getting into a sponsorship is are you ready to do the work. All the blood sweat and tears put into honing your craft, the mistakes you make the failures. If you are not making mistakes and falling on your face something is wrong. Every bad day on the water is a learning experience. every tournament you blank in is a learning experience. This is all before sponsorship once you get sponsors you still have to do all the ground work you were doing. Then you have to do what the sponsor requires of you. You have to keep them happy. More sponsors more work.

You must also realize it is a very competitive market place. Everyone wants to be sponsored. Not everyone wants to do the work that’s where the companies that you pay for sponsors come into play. So what do you have that is different? Now prove you are different.

In closing I want to thank all my readers. I am very blessed and glad for all the emails and questions that you all send. Keep them coming. If you want a sponsorship work for it. Remember it won’t be easy it won’t always be fun, and to show what you can offer that no one else can. If you have questions about any of this email me. I would be glad to talk with you about it.

Good Luck and God Bless

Josh Morris is a sponsored tournament bass angler, outdoorsman, an ambassador for FLW, and the 2018 Director for Fishers of Men West KY.

His Sponsors include Barren Outdoors, G Loomis, Shimano, Psycho Lures, Snack Daddy Lures, Blobfish Sunglasses, Freddie’s Dugout, Jackall Lures, and Power Pro Line.

Josh can be found online at the following:
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